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Chemical Cluster

Chemical Cluster Emmen is number one in Europe when it comes to specialised fibre chemistry. The cluster is very favourably situated in Europe and has excellent facilities for companies active in the fibres, polymers and composites markets.

It is the largest chemical park with environment classification 6 (GETEC PARK.EMMEN) in Northern Europe. This site is extremely suitable for new developments in biobased chemicals, not in the least because of its location in the Northern Netherlands.

Facts & Figures

  • A specialised knowledge hub (e.g. Green PAC) that develops knowledge and accelerates innovations in association with the business community in the area of plastics, composites, fibres and yarns
  • A sustainable polymer innovation cluster (SPIC) that freely offers equipment, facilities and services to the plastics industry
  • About 22,000 hectares of agricultural land in its backyard that is rich in raw materials for fibre chemistry
  • Several national quality institutes such as Centre for Open Chemical Innovation (COCI) and Innovation Laboratorium (iLab)
  • SME companies organised under the name of Sustainable Products and Chemicals Cluster (SUSPACC), with full membership in the European Biobased Industries Consortium (BIC)
  • A special catalyst organisation (Green Chemistry Task Force) for promoting and supporting business with regard to project development, business development, accelerated development of test locations, demonstration facilities and pilot plants
  • Various opportunities for cooperation between SMEs and multinationals
  • Excellent infrastructure connections by rail and road with Northern Europe
  • In close proximity to North and East Overijssel and a strong, wide-ranging manufacturing industry
  • Strategic location, situated close to trading countries such as Germany and the Baltic and Scandinavian countries
  • Great support from regional authorities
  • High quality of life, living environment and business climate (a top three location in the Netherlands)

In short, entrepreneurs who want to do business in green chemistry – and in particular in polymers, composites, fibres and yarns – will find everything they need in Chemical Cluster Emmen.


Many renowned companies – particularly from the polymer industry – are located at GETEC PARK.EMMEN. This site offers very favourable conditions for entrepreneurs who want to operate in the fibre chemistry sector. The emphasis lies on green chemistry. Due to the presence of this high-tech production location (120 acres) with the highest environment classification (1-6), the site is THE place for entrepreneurs that want to develop and scale up in plastics, polymers, yarns and composites.

Click on the image of our polymer ecosystem in Chemical Cluster Emmen

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