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Campus Groningen
Research, innovation and start-ups

Campus Groningen is the fastest growing Campus in The Netherlands. It's the hotspot for research, innovation and start-ups. Cooperation with other universities guarantees the availability of top talent at all levels.

The campus is the beating heart for innovation, research and industry. It has two branches: Zernike Campus in the north of the city of Groningen and the Healthy Ageing Campus near to the medical centre. Campus Groningen is one of the largest and most important campuses in the Netherlands, providing a base for three knowledge institutes:  RUG (university of Groningen), UMCG (University Medical Centre Groningen) and Hanze Univerisity. In addition to the three knowledge institutes, the Municipality of Groningen, Bedrijvenvereniging WEST and the Province of Groningen are also investing in this innovation motor.


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