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New: Chemport Catalyser

Chemport introduces a new tool for business development: The Catalyser facilitates building business propositions for sustainable chemistry. By unlocking financial resources, it helps entrepreneurs to develop a financially viable plan.

The Catalyser is especially for small/medium enterprises that contribute to the transition to sustainable chemistry. It aims to help entrepreneurs in taking steps to strengthen their proposition before market implementatation, by co-financing for instance in market analysis, research into suitable PMCs, research into possible chain partners, technology deepening, or prototyping.

Guidelines for application

  • You are an entrepreneur aiming to strengthen your business plan
  • Your business proposition is related to greening of chemistry, and fitting in the Chemport Europe strategy: to accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable chemical process industry (everything between raw material and product)
  • Execution of your project/proposition takes place in Chemport Europe region
  • Catalyser is a co-financing tool. The requested amount is max €10,000 – building on a minimum personal contribution of 50%
  • Be brief and to the point; the maximum length of the full application is 2 A4
  • Every four weeks, the collected initiatives are discussed and assessed in a meeting by the Catalyser team consisting of experts from Chemport Europe.
  • Applications will be processed until the available budget is exhausted

Ready for the next step?

Are you ready to lift your sustainable chemistry ideas to a higher plan? The Catalyser is there for you! More information and possibilities are waiting for you. Contact us today to find out what the Catalyser can do for you and your business. We love to help your business prosper!



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