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Intermediate chemicals
Benzene, toluene, xylene (BTX)

The BTX aromatics are important chemical intermediates. Dutch chemical industry association VNCI has included BTX in its ‘Chemistry for Climate’ roadmap for the Dutch chemical industry towards 2050, as needing ‘green’ alternatives.

Our developments

Currently, BTX aromatics are produced from petroleum and natural gas condensate. The latter is done in Delfzijl, where the NAM processes gas condensate. However, BioBTX in Groningen is producing BTX from biomass. A pilot plant was recently opened at the Zernike Advanced Processing facility. The company also works closely with Teijin Aramid, towards producing bio based Twaron fibres.

Companies involved

The NAM produces BTX aromatics from fossil carbon, BioBTX does so from biomass, and delivers its green BTX to different companies on the Delfzijl and Emmen chemistry parcs, e.g. Cumapol.

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