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Your privacy is

Your privacy

Chemport Europe believes that protection of your privacy is extremely important. When you visit a website, participate in online surveys or during e-mail traffic, you leave personal details behind. These details are only used to process your application or response. These details are not collected or used in a way that can be traced back to you. Information about visits to the Chemport Europe website is only used for our service provision to you, to support technical decisions and for statistics.


A cookie is an amount of data a server sends to a browser with the objective of storing it and sending it back to the server during a subsequent visit. It enables the server to recognize the browser and keep track of what the user, or the web browser, did in the past. Cookies may be put on your system during a visit to this website. The Chemport Europe website does not use cookies itself. However, we do use Google Analytics and that uses cookies to track surf and search behavior on our website. If you do not want Google Analytics to put cookies on your system, you must “switch off cookies” in your browser. If you accept the cookies, they may stay on your computer for five years unless you remove them before then. Switching off cookies only has consequences for the computer and the browser on which you perform this action. If you use several computers and/or browsers, you must repeat this action as often as required. If necessary, consult the help function of your browser. We pay a great deal of attention to the content and reliability, technical or otherwise, of this website.
However, this website is only general and informative in nature and by definition full reliability, technical or otherwise, cannot be guaranteed under all circumstances. It is not possible derive rights from the content of this website and Chemport Europe disclaims all liability for anything that is undertaken on the basis of the content of this website without expert advice. Chemport Europe also disclaims all liability for faults or other technical problems or for viruses or other disruptive elements. The previous liability exclusions also apply to websites for which this website contains a link or reference. Chemport Europe is and remains the sole entitled party in respect of the copyrights for this website.


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