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Polymers and materials

Aramid fibres, made from aromatic polyamides, are a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibres with many uses, from bullet proof vests to protective gloves, ropes or industrial sealings. In the Chemport Europe ecosystem, one of just two production facilities in the world for aramid is located.

Our developments

Teijin Aramid Delfzijl produces two monomers for aramid and combines them using locally produced chlorine. The aramid polymer is shipped to Teijin Aramid Emmen where the polymer solution is spun into multifilament fibres, Twaron. This production facility, the largest aramid factory in the world, employs around 700 people and is the largest employer at the Emmen Industry & Business Parc

Recently, BioBTX and Teijin Aramid started work on the development of bio-based Twaron, based on the BioBTX technology for production of bio-based aromatics. This initiative is financially supported by the provinces of Drenthe and Groningen and by Chemport Europe.

Companies involved

Teijin Aramid is the world leader in aramid production. BioBTX has developed new technology to produce aromatics from biomass.

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