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Hydrogen – the most abundant element in our universe – can be used as a fuel, but is also used by the chemical industry. It is mostly produced from natural gas (which yields H2 and CO2).

Production through electrolysis of water is also possible, but this is more expensive. However, this process is promising for ‘power to chemicals’: using surplus energy from wind or solar to produce hydrogen by electrolysis.

Our developments

In February 2018, a hydrogen filling station was opened in Delfzijl, servicing regional busses with green hydrogen from the Nobian Specialty Chemicals chlorine plant. At the Delfzijl chemistry park, Evonik Peroxide produces bleach (H2O2) from hydrogen. Any excess hydrogen produced by the chlorine plant is used for heating, through the Nobian Delesto cogeneration power plant.

Nobian and GasUnie New Energy consider to building a pilot plant for the production of emission-free hydrogen by electrolysis using wind-generated electricity. A decision is expected in the 4th quarter of 2019. These plans are part of the ‘Investment Agenda Hydrogen for the northern Netherlands’ (Investeringsagenda  waterstof Noord-Nederland).

In this document, stakeholders present how green hydrogen production can be increased over the coming decade. The plan describes the ambition of the region to become a major player in the production of green hydrogen, and in its use for energy production, transport, and the chemical industry.

Companies involved

Hydrogen is produced by different plants in Delfzijl. It is a ‘waste’ product from the chlorine plant of Nobian in Delfzijl. Also Evonik produces hydrogen for its hydrogen peroxide plant. Several projects are in development for large scale production of hydrogen by Power2Gas, as part of the development towards a hydrogen economy. If Nobian and GasUnie New Energy will build the pilot plant for the production of emission-free hydrogen, the hydrogen will be used by BioMCN for the production of green methanol.

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