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Green electricity

The rather flat coastal regions are ideal for wind turbines. Even better are the wind parks on the North Sea (north of the Wadden islands). Many plants and private houses produce energy through solar panels.

Furthermore, some green electricity is produced by burning biomass. Green electricity is also imported through the NorNed cable (to Norway) and COBRA cable (to Denmark).

Our developments

The number of wind turbines and solar panels is increasing rapidly in the entire Chemport region. At the Delfzijl industrial parc, an extra 17 wind turbines are going to be built. Chemport Europe participates in the Eemsdelta Industrial Agenda. In this document, the stake holders in the Eemsdelta area have committed themselves to focus on sustainable and greener processes and products. This includes using green energy for their production processes.

Companies involved

Eneco has a biomass fuelled power plant. EEW burns household waste, which is certified to be 50 percent biomass.

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