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Our vision
Green, sustainable chemistry

The chemical industry needs to go green. And we have no time to lose. In the Northern Netherlands, we share the same ambition. It applies to all levels of government, all companies and all knowledge institutes. 

Feedstock from renewable carbon

In order to create a sustainable chemical industry, we need to go from fossil-based to renewable carbon feedstock. That is why we focus on 4 sources for Green Chemistry:

  1. Circular polymers – The Chemport region specialises in innovative polymer solutions
  2. Biomass – Green raw materials are abundantly available in the region
  3. Hydrogen – Green hydrogen is a key focus: for fuel as well as raw material for the chemical industry
  4. Carbon dioxide – Chemport hosts many initiatives for CO2 to chemicals

Power of Triple Helix

We believe that we need to speed up. That is why we work together. When government, companies and knowledge institutes cooperate, we can make a bigger impact. Chemport ensures that topics that are ‘too big to handle’ by one company only, get picked up by the right consortia. There is no membership fee, and the Chemport activities are free of charge.

Closing the loop

We believe green chemistry and a circular economy are achieved more quickly when parties work together. One party’s waste is the input for another, and that creates a chain straight away. All parties at Chemport Europe take responsibility for closing the loop. Companies are connected to one another via the Chemport network.

From knowledge to application

We believe that fundamental research sows the seeds for breakthrough technology. At some point it becomes time to take the next step – to translate new knowledge into an application. Pioneers of fundamental research are extremely important, as has been demonstrated by Nobel laureate Ben Feringa. Chemport stimulates collaboration between researchers and companies.

Ambassadors of green chemistry

Chemport helps companies to go green. Whether you are already located in the Northern Netherlands, or whether you are considering locating your business here. We can help you with our network to grow your business. Simply contact us and we can discuss what you need to get to the next, green and sustainable level.

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