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BioBTX aims to commence chemical recycling of biomass and plastic in 2026

Source: Industrielinqs


BioBTX is set to build a new factory on the grounds between the Chemie Park Delfzijl and the former Aldel. The innovative company in circular technology transforms blends of biomass and plastic waste into valuable renewable chemical building blocks.

In the initial phase, BioBTX is considering installing a facility with a capacity of 20 kilotons. Further scaling up to 50 kilotons is being explored. The plan is to commence production in 2026.

According to Hans Dijkstra, plant manager of the new factory, raw materials such as biomass and plastics that have reached the end of their lifespan are utilized.

“We are talking about waste plastics that, after sorting, are unsuitable for mechanical recycling and are subsequently incinerated or landfilled. In our process, an aromatic oil is produced via pyrolysis and a catalytic process step. This oil is directly fed into the existing petrochemical chain, replacing aromatics of fossil origin. It thus becomes the raw material for new, high-quality plastics and other chemicals. Unlike products from mechanical recycling, the quality is identical to the original material.”

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