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Teijin Aramid and Clariter develop a carbon neutral solution for recycling

In her quest to zero emission, Teijin Aramid joined forces with Clariter. Together, they pioneered a sustainable solution in chemical advanced recycling for Endumax®. In this way, there is a sustainable disposal method for highly valuable, post-production and end of life material, that is hard to recycle mechanically.

Environmental conscious companies 

As a future-oriented enterprise, Teijin Aramid searches for sustainable solutions for recycling end-products. For instance, Teijin Aramid has been recycling Twaron® fibres in its own recycling facilities.

Clariter’s innovative technology transforms potential plastic waste into high-value, pure industrial products, with a net negative carbon footprint. This means they are cleaning the environment rather than polluting it.

Upcycling of fishing nets, ropes and air cargo containers

Tests of Teijin Aramid’s Endumax® feedstock were carried out at Clariter’s operational Pilot Plant in Gliwice, Poland. The results determined that samples of fishing nets, ropes and air cargo containers are indeed suitable for chemical recycling.

These materials, made of high resistance UHMW-PE, were once problematic to recycle. Now, they can successfully be upcycled into feedstock as pure, crude-free industrial products with thousands of applications. For instance, cleaning agents, degreasers, paints, and speciality wax. For some markets, like fishing nets, this results in full circularity as the wax can be used to coat fishing nets again. In other markets, this open loop recycling leads to valuable products that can either serve in production processes or in other applications.

Thanks to this technology, customers in the offshore can recycle their Endumax® ropes, nets and cables to extend the end of life. In the aerospace business, the full air cargo containers, including the panels, can be recycled after use.

Full-scale plant in Delfzijl

Clariter aims to build a full-scale factory in Delfzijl, the Netherlands, where Teijin Aramid is also located. The company is currently working on obtaining the necessary permits for this. This will be a great asset to the Chemport ecosystem, and another big step in creating sustainable chemistry.

Jasper Munier, Clariter Business Development Manager for North-West Europe: “Working with a partner like Teijin Aramid and proving that chemical recycling is the solution for the plastic waste epidemic, brought us again a bit closer to the cleaner and more sustainable future.

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