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NorthGrid and Chemport Europe collaborate on Underground Infrastructure

Underground cables and pipelines are an important factor for the development of a sustainable ecosystem. Sources like energy, water and raw materials are exchanged via pipelines in large quantities. Within Chemport Europe, many companies are already linked together in a chain . Pipelines can make this connection even stronger and act as a driver for new sustainable developments.

NorthGrid is committed to a coordinated approach for the development of underground infrastructure and fits very well within the ecosystem of Chemport Europe. By strengthening the underground connections, the above ground Chemport ecosystem also becomes stronger. NorthGrid strives to increase  awareness of the underground infrastructure, guarantee accessibility for all parties, help companies and developers with business cases and funding and act as a single point of contact for stakeholders.

NorthGrid’s knowledge of pipelines combined with Chemport’s ecosystem will strengthen both organizations and add value to sustainability-goals of the region.
NorthGrid and Chemport are jointly building the underground highway in the Northern Netherlands.

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