"Take responsibility for the circular economy"

Johan Visser (Akzo Nobel) about Chemport Europe

What do companies, governments and universities expect from Chemport Europe? Johan Visser, Site Manager of Akzo Nobel in Delfzijl, identifies two benefits - access improves and greening chemistry moves up a gear. 

One-stop shop

Chemport Europe becomes the contact point for everybody looking to invest in chemistry. “Before, investors and participants came looking for me, but now it is more effective to present our information at Chemport Europe. Chemport Europe now operates as a one-stop shop and to me that is an enormous relief. We combine all the accumulated details of both clusters (Delfzijl and Emmen) in one organisation, which will improve access to and lower the threshold of our ecosystem enormously.” 

Rapid greening

Green chemistry and a circular economy are achieved more quickly when parties work together in a consortium. Johan Visser continues, “The waste of one is the input for another, and that creates a chain straight away. All parties take responsibility for the circular economy.” Visser also emphasises that sustainability is one of the core values of Akzo Nobel. “We make investments that would be impossible under the normal calculations, but that do have an impact when it comes to sustainability.”

Lord and master

Johan Visser knows that many companies in the chemical sector are looking to be more sustainable and that provides opportunities for Chemport Europe. “Our salt, chlorine and monochloroacetic acid production is becoming more and more sustainable, and in the areas of wastewater purification, biomass and sustainable energy Chemport has made massive strides. Companies that want to make the transition are keen to join us, because they can see that we are lord and master of green chemistry.”