"It's becoming easier to work on breakthrough technology"

Janneke Krooneman about Chemport Europe

What do companies, governments and universities expect from Chemport Europe? Janneke Krooneman, Project Manager of the Carbohydrate Competence Center in Groningen, sees the joining of forces between companies and researchers as its greatest asset.

Finding the way to each other

Chemport Europe was created, because companies, universities and governments share the same ambition - getting on with making chemistry more sustainable. Janneke Krooneman welcomes the cooperation. “Over the past few years, it was all fairly fragmented with researchers and companies operating in separate worlds. Due to Chemport Europe we are able to find the way to each other, we are discovering the matches and how we can benefit from each other. It makes it easier to work together on innovations and breakthrough technology.”

From knowledge to application

New knowledge often starts with fundamental research, but the Carbohydrate Competence Center concentrates on demand-led research. “The pioneers of fundamental research are extremely important, as demonstrated by Nobel laureate Ben Feringa and his colleagues. Fundamental research sows the seeds for breakthrough technology and at some point it becomes time to take the next step - to translate new knowledge into an application. At that point collaboration between researchers and companies becomes essential, because it turns one plus one into three. We facilitate that cooperation in the Carbohydrate Competence Center.”

Creating challenging jobs

The statistics demonstrate that people who were trained in the North often leave to start their career elsewhere. Janneke Krooneman expects that Chemport Europe will tempt highly educated graduates to stay in the North. “It is interesting to us that we can offer a future in the North to the people we educate in the North. That is more likely to succeed if we create challenging jobs in green chemistry.”