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Chemport is an ecosystem in which companies that are committed to developing a greener chemical sector can flourish. Companies, knowledge institutes and government together create the conditions for transformation and green growth of the chemical industry.

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Coherence of Chemport Europe

The development of green chemistry requires a close collaboration between different players in the production chain from green commodities to a well designed product. The Northern Netherlands provide an excellent infrastructure to achieve this. The region has been strong in agriculture for centuries, and strong in chemistry for at least one hundred year. Knowledge Institutes, like the University of Groningen, stimulate innovation. Thus, the region is an incubator for green innovation with a world-wide impact. That is what we call the Chemport Europe ecosystem.

Chain of products

Residual waste is value. All parties at Chemport Europe take responsibility for closing the loop.

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Doing business

There are countless scenarios to go along with our ambitions. There is no blueprint, there is cooperation.

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