Young, talented and inquisitive people

Young, talented and inquisitive people

The world of green chemistry has only been charted to a limited extent. There is plenty of room to discover, research and find out. Curiosity and an investigative attitude are essential. These traits are available in abundance in the university, universities of applied sciences and the many vocational institutes in the region.

New insights and ideas

Chemport Europe is an ecosystem where research fuels the flames of innovation. Scientists and entrepreneurs work closely together in test centres, laboratories and demo-sites.

Knowledge is developed and shared; new products are conceived and businesses are created around new insights and ideas. This is how science helps the chemical industry to advance and vice versa.

Research fuels the flames of innovation

Facilities where education and business work together on development and innovation.

  • Energy Academy
  • Innolab Chemie
  • EnTranCe
  • ZAP Facility
  • GreenPAC (COCI & iLab)

Campus Groningen is the hotspot for research, innovation and start-ups. Corporation with other universities guarantees the availability of top talent at all levels. Laboratory staff, researchers, product developers and process operators, but also business consultants, marketeers and ICT professionals like to live and work in the TopDutch region. The combination of lively city centres and the peace and quiet of the countryside makes for an extremely pleasant place to live.

BERNN (Bio Economy Region Northern Netherlands)

BERNN is the alliance of the four Northern universities of applied sciences and the University of Groningen. The shared ambition is to strengthen the position of green chemistry in the region even further. Demand-driven cooperation between companies and universities is essential.

Characteristics of Campus Groningen

Students in academies and universities:

> 55,000

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