What we have and where we will go

What we have and where we will go

Chemport Europe is a fertile breeding ground for companies that want to advance bio-based chemistry right now. Our ambitions go beyond that and progress is made daily. Where will Chemport Europe be in 2030?

The future of chemistry started in Chemport Europe. The stories of the companies and the products that have been developed in our ecosystem speak for themselves. Join us in changing the nature of chemistry. Take your first step and contact Chemport Europe.

Biomethanol from sugar-beet pulp

Sugar-beet pulp is used to generate green gas. Green gas is processed by BioMCN into biomethanol, a basic raw material in the chemical sector.

Replace PVC in coco mats with starch

The backing of coco mats has always been made of PVC. Dynaplak in Veendam has managed to make backing of ‘engineered’ starch.

Fewer microplastics in our environment

Senbis in Emmen is developing strimmer wire and fishingnet fibre based on a biodegradable polymer. Due to this product there are fewer microplastics in our gardens, parks and oceans.

100% Bio-PET for sustainable PET bottles

BioBTX and Cumapol have managed to make products of 100% Bio-PET. Applications of Bio-PET in large numbers of PET bottles on the horizon.

Slow-release fertilizer helps agriculture

ChemCom Industries in Delfzijl produces a special ‘slow-release fertilizer’ that is used in agriculture.

Hemp in passenger vehicles

Hemp is grown and refined in the region. The fibres are processed into insulation material for passenger vehicles, amongst other things.

Grass fibre - raw material for the packaging industry

The paper and board industry is looking for renewable sources of fibres. Huhtamaki in Franeker is using grass fibres to produce egg cartons.

The first movable drawbridge in the world made of biocomposite

The drawbridge in Wildlands Emmen is built with biocomposite - lighter than steel and more environmentally friendly.

‘We facilitate the transition and location of businesses that work with us towards sustainable chemistry. We have the talent, we are dynamic, we have gumption; we don’t hang about, we roll up our sleeves and get stuck in.’

Patrick Brouns

Patrick Brouns

Regional Minister of Economic Affairs, Province of Groningen