Chemport Career Platform

Chemport Career Platform

Chemport Europe offers a dynamic ecosystem for companies committed to a greener chemical sector. The Top Dutch region houses for instance a leading university and several universities of applied sciences. You can directly benefit from the intensive cooperation between these institutions, government and companies, and make use of the knowledge from students and young professionals.

The Chemport Career Platform lets you reach, recruit, and engage early career candidates from all knowledge institutions in the Northern part of the Netherlands. We work closely together with all the relevant education programs on different levels (VET, applied science and research) in the field of Green Chemistry and BioBased Economy. But of course we also have the best talent in other fields such as HR, Marketing/Communication and IT in our database. So, hire for the future: post your jobs now!

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How it works

The Chemport Career Platform helps the industry in the Northern part of the Netherlands to find the right talent. In partnership with CareerUp we've created this platform. CareerUp will help you with every step in the process:

Post your job

Define tomorrow’s talent by publishing jobs to our career platform and applying filter criteria to ensure that only the right candidates apply.

Bring your branding to life

Attract the best candidates by bringing your employer branding strategy to life. We brand your company at every campus in the Northern part of the Netherlands.

Screening by our advisors

Students apply with their career profiles. Our career advisors help every student in making the right choice based on their personality, skills, knowledge and preference.

Get the best match

Our matching algorithm and our talent scouts will help you to select only the best candidates.