A unique combination of elements

A unique combination of elements

Chemport Europe has a unique combination of elements that creates ‘the right chemistry’ for attractive business cases.

  • Guaranteed supply of raw materials (feedstock), such as sugar beet and potatoes, grass, grains, salt and water


    Opportunity to import biomass via seaports

  • Extremely reliable supply of energy - local, green and sustainable

  • Two sustainable chemical clusters around intermediate chemicals, innovative polymers and fibres

  • Knowledge institutes of world renown, such as the University of Groningen, Hanze and Stenden Universities of Applied Sciences, Van Hall/Larenstein and NHL, cooperate in BERNN

  • Unique cooperation between companies, government and universities (Triple Helix), ensuring that policy, facilities and financing are focused on successful business operations

  • Excellent connections with purchase and sales markets by sea, rail, road and air

  • Availability of capital in the form of investments, credits and subsidies

  • Smooth permitting process