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Chemport Europe wants to help businesses to grow. Different agencies are involved in this by facilitating the funding of “high-potential” companies in the Northern Netherlands.

There are many ways to finance your business by means of share capital or subordinated loans. This funding is provided to both startups and well-established companies that want to grow.

Investors who support your vision

The objective of Investeringsfonds Groningen (IFG) is to participate in investment funds that put all or part of their capital in SMEs in the province of Groningen. Based on this Fund-in-Fund principle, two types of return are sought: financial return and social return.

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The business environment surrounding the University of Groningen and University Medical Centre Groningen has seen an increase in the number of startups and initiatives for startups. Carduso Capital mainly invests in technology companies that originate from the main areas of interest of this university: Life Sciences, Energy and Sustainable Society.

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Entrepreneurs can call on Groeifonds for funding and advice, specifically when they are looking to invest in the northeast of Groningen.
The focus is on growth in the chemical and energy industry.

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NOM (the Investment and Development Company for the Northern Netherlands) wants to invest in companies that are likely to grow and prosper in the Northern Netherlands. It is not a bank, but a supplementary risk-bearer. NOM generally is financially involved for only a limited period of time (4-6 years). The goal is not to make a quick profit, but to take an active part based on an approach specific to your company.

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Business Generator assists in transferring knowledge generated at University Medical Centre Groningen (UMCG) and the University of Groningen (RUG) to companies and society at large, by initiating collaborations and licensing opportunities. The process of transferring knowledge involves multiple steps and Business Generator can assist in each of them, for example the screening of ideas, obtaining intellectual property protection, identifying partners or customers, and negotiating agreements. Business Generator also supports starting entrepreneurs and companies with, for example, strategy development, business planning, organisational structuring and financial evaluations.

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Triade offers different possibilities to help you with your idea. Thanks to its extensive investment network, participation in various funds and financing for early phase initiatives, Triade can work with you on targeted solutions for your financing needs.

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This fund gives companies the opportunity to make their innovations become a reality. The process from idea to commercial product is not easy in today’s world. The innovation fund helps by financing in the form of equity participation. Collaboration is central here, because to qualify for financing from the innovation fund, at least two SMEs must be involved. There also has to be a public or private coinvestor.

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This fund helps growing companies in the Province of Drenthe to realise their innovative projects. They help both starting and existing companies. Not only with money, but also with advice, guidance and coaching during the financing term.

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The Energy Fund of the Province of Drenthe. Its goal is to speed up the energy transition in Drenthe. It does so by providing financing to sustainable energy projects and providing support in the realisation of these projects.

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Funded by GROEIfonds, Innovatiefonds Noord-Nederland and Investeringsfonds Groningen

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