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Chemical Cluster


The Chemical Cluster Delfzijl is a unique co-operation between companies that exchange raw materials, share supplies, and with attention for safety, quality, people, and environment.

The Chemical Cluster Delfzijl is a sustainably developed industrial area for chemical related companies, connected to each other like a chain. At the moment 18 companies are settled in the cluster.

Feedstock and Intermediate chemicals

Facts and figures

  • 15% of all output of chemical industries in the Netherlands¬†comes from Chemport Europe
  • Green energy power mix from biomass, wind turbines, solarpanels or hydro power
  • Sustainable energy (steam and electricity)
  • Utilities available like (bio)gas, salt, chlorine, hydrogen,¬†industrial water, nitrogen, steam
  • Multimodal accessibility; congestion free port and hinterland
  • Total capacity of 8,000 MW of electrical power available
  • Largest onshore Dutch wind farm (300+ MW)
  • Largest Dutch solar park (30 MW)
  • Greenfield business locations (468 hectares)
  • Mild climate

Companies OnSite

  • Nouryon
  • Delesto (combined heat and power plant (530 MW))
  • Delamine
  • Teijin Aramid
  • Lubrizol Advanced Materials Resin
  • OCI (former Bio MCN)
  • ChemCom Industries
  • SGS
  • Stork
  • JPB Groep
  • Dow Benelux
  • Avantium
  • Evonik (former PeroxyChem)
  • Siniat (former Lafarge Gips)
  • Zeolyst
  • Gebr. Borg Recycling
  • PPG Industries Chemicals
  • Contitank Tankstorage
  • NAM
  • Tankcleaning Gebr. Borg
  • North Water


Total 1469.0 hectare
Free 435.0 hectare

Allowed business

Up to environment classification

1-5 (large industry)