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Chain integration

Unique ecosystem

The chemistry works with elements. Oxygen and nitrogen in the air, sodium and chlorine in salt, carbon and hydrogen in natural gas.

We can also analyze the greening of chemistry in elements, the ingredients of success: green energy, biobased raw materials, smart processes and finally chain formation and reuse. What waste is for one is the raw material for the other. The Northern Netherlands has these elements all four, which means that we have an unparalleled ecosystem.Interesting savings options do not stop at it fence of individual companies. In fact, in many situations is to realize savings between companies, for example through the exchange of residual heat or through the use of residual gases for the production of process heat.

Realized projects

  • Energy Innovation Program carried out by Groningen Seaports
  • Green Steam Pipe Nouryon – Eneco
  • P2P balancing energy network ESD – Engie

New projects

  • Scaling up Energy Innovation Program (EIP)
  • Implement various projects resulting from EIP
  • Biomass for heat & electricity
  • Construction of heat network for further heat exchange
  • Combined product and heat conduction Contitank – CPD
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