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Our vision

The same ambition

We share the same ambition. This applies to all levels of government, all companies and all knowledge institutes in the Northern Netherlands. We believe that we need to speed up.

Production chain

We believe that greening the chemical industry involves more than just using biobased materials.

Power of Triple Helix

We believe that we need to speed up. That is why we work together. We as government, companies and knowledge institutes can get processes that are stuck back on the road again.

Closing the loop

We believe green chemistry and a circular economy are achieved more quickly when parties work together. One party’s waste is the input for another, and that creates a chain straight away. All parties at Chemport Europe take responsibility for closing the loop.

From knowledge to application

We believe that fundamental research sows the seeds for breakthrough technology. At some point it becomes time to take the next step – to translate new knowledge into an application. Pioneers of fundamental research are extremely important, as has been demonstrated by Nobel laureate Ben Feringa. Collaboration between researchers and companies is essential.