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Cohesive chain

in our ecosystem

Entrepreneurs, government and knowledge institutions collaborate in Chemport Europe. Its motto is: “Changing the nature of chemistry”. Our processes have to change and become greener.

Different routes lead to a greener environment. Feedstocks play an important part in this. The Northern Netherlands has been strong in agriculture for centuries, and in chemistry for decades. These two worlds are now rapidly becoming entwined, as crops like sugar beets, potatoes and also grass and wood are increasingly used to produce sustainable chemicals.

Chain intergration

Chain intergration is essential for the realisation of the greening process. Companies in our ecosystem can join chains and exchange feedstocks with each other. The chains will close in the near future, producing a circular economy.

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Complementing each other

The cohesion between the clusters in Delfzijl and Emmen further enhances that ecosystem. Delfzijl primarily produces “intermediate chemicals”: sustainable building blocks for companies in the Emmen area which focus on the production of fibres and plastics. And this is how the Northern Netherlands is building a cluster that really matters. Not just nationally, but globally.


Much can still be gained in the area of recycling. Organisations such as Attero and Omrin are making big steps in this respect: thanks to them, products like PET bottles are starting a new life as feedstock for plastics. Not once, but over and over again.

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